Showing Some Friday Love

My beloved city of Chicago has finally thawed! With temperatures in the 80s this week, it seemed like every Chi-town lady from here to Lake Michigan was rocking some cute mini skirt, billowy maxi dress, or weird romper. While walking home in a perfect, it’s-almost-summer-breeze, I realized that it’s been so long since I’ve worn a dress, I’d forgotten that my thighs were so…familiar with one another.

In honor of thickness, I want to give this Friday’s shout-out to Vanessa Hidary, A.K.A. The Hebrew Mamita. A poet, performer, producer, and all-around Real Woman, Vanessa’s work is a celebration of diversity, beauty, and truth. I’ve been desperately in love with her since I saw her solo show, “Culture Bandit”, and highly recommend that you listen to her CD of hilarious and devastating slam poetry. She is now the author of a book called The Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega.

I think that she is just fantastic and I hope that you will, too. Vanessa, you are a bad-ass, long may you reign over us all.

Please enjoy this poem, entitled, “Ode to the Juicy Thigh”. Happy Friday!