The Most Literal of Shout Outs

Some of you may have seen this by now, but it’s worth another look. If you haven’t seen it yet, just stop everything you’re doing right now (yes, even reading this post), and take a few minutes to have your mind-heart blown.

There were a lot of people posting it around the interwebs this week. When I finally watched it this morning, I was caught off guard. I cried a little. Because it’s so inspiring! But also heartbreaking. And for reals made me want to go eat a cheeseburger and drink a bottle of wine and not think twice about it,┬ápreferably over heated, stimulating conversations about art and life and politics and other things I have lots of opinions about. Followed by singing some Joan Jett at karaoke and possibly shouting from some treetops.

This girl is throwing out truth and brilliance and ferocity, and meanwhile there is So Much media trying to force us to all think about Princess Catherine’s abs. Eye roll.

I’m happy for Kate and her genetics, but I for one prefer to honor Ms. Lily Myers by sharing her video while eating a bagel with cream cheese and listening to Fat Bottomed Girls. Seriously, you guys. That is exactly what I am doing right now. And it feels really f*cking good.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10.51.28 AM


Showing Some Friday Love

My beloved city of Chicago has finally thawed! With temperatures in the 80s this week, it seemed like every Chi-town lady from here to Lake Michigan was rocking some cute mini skirt, billowy maxi dress, or weird romper. While walking home in a perfect, it’s-almost-summer-breeze, I realized that it’s been so long since I’ve worn a dress, I’d forgotten that my thighs were so…familiar with one another.

In honor of thickness, I want to give this Friday’s shout-out to Vanessa Hidary, A.K.A. The Hebrew Mamita. A poet, performer, producer, and all-around Real Woman, Vanessa’s work is a celebration of diversity, beauty, and truth. I’ve been desperately in love with her since I saw her solo show, “Culture Bandit”, and highly recommend that you listen to her CD of hilarious and devastating slam poetry. She is now the author of a book called The Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega.

I think that she is just fantastic and I hope that you will, too. Vanessa, you are a bad-ass, long may you reign over us all.

Please enjoy this poem, entitled, “Ode to the Juicy Thigh”. Happy Friday!