XOXO, Gossip Girl

Yes, everyone in Gossip Girl possessed over-the-top, screen siren good looks, and so body image was never really an issue. (Except kinda sorta in the first season, when we learned that Blair was kinda sorta struggling with her former bout with anorexia… so sometimes perfection is hard even for the very beautiful and very rich)

All the same, here is where I indulge my love of Fashion, and with this week’s Last Episode of GG Ever, Lou and I decided to do a fashion retrospective of the show’s two starlets, Blair and Serena, over at CWPL.

Clearly I wrote about Blair – the preppy, ladylike, Audrey aficionado.
Lou is writing about Serena – the oft bohemian, sometimes gaudy, always sexy siren.

S and I are in talks for a future post on RLB about women who use other women as accessories, but for now enjoy this Gossip Girl swan song!

Ps. For those who have (gasp) never seen the show, it’s worth mentioning that B is not just a “fan” of Audrey Hepburn. One of the best plot devices on GG was Blair’s frequent dreams starring herself as classic Audrey film characters. They were always entertaining, and showed off little Meester’s actual acting chops. Definitely a favorite part of the show.

You will be missed, GG!




Cheap Wine and Fall Fashion Swooning

This week I am cheating on RLB with a post over at Cheap Wine and Panty Lines that has Nothing to do with body image. Except in the sense that it concerns fashion, and I see fashion as a great outlet for expressing yourself, your confidence, and how much you love your figure and love to snazz it up!

Here’s an idea of how I would gild the lily in the event of a sudden windfall:

Also, I’m happy to report that while these models are all clearly Models, none of them look like they’re anywhere close to starvation. Healthy is the new skinny! And skinny people can be healthy, too!

So go enjoy some beautiful clothes on some beautiful women, and share your dream Fall Collection with us here on RLB, over at CWPL, or via reallivingbeauty@gmail.com

Happy Friday!