XOXO, Gossip Girl

Yes, everyone in Gossip Girl possessed over-the-top, screen siren good looks, and so body image was never really an issue. (Except kinda sorta in the first season, when we learned that Blair was kinda sorta struggling with her former bout with anorexia… so sometimes perfection is hard even for the very beautiful and very rich)

All the same, here is where I indulge my love of Fashion, and with this week’s Last Episode of GG Ever, Lou and I decided to do a fashion retrospective of the show’s two starlets, Blair and Serena, over at CWPL.

Clearly I wrote about Blair – the preppy, ladylike, Audrey aficionado.
Lou is writing about Serena – the oft bohemian, sometimes gaudy, always sexy siren.

S and I are in talks for a future post on RLB about women who use other women as accessories, but for now enjoy this Gossip Girl swan song!

Ps. For those who have (gasp) never seen the show, it’s worth mentioning that B is not just a “fan” of Audrey Hepburn. One of the best plot devices on GG was Blair’s frequent dreams starring herself as classic Audrey film characters. They were always entertaining, and showed off little Meester’s actual acting chops. Definitely a favorite part of the show.

You will be missed, GG!




Cheap Wine and Lady Like and Coming Up Next

What a fantastic weekend we have in store for you, RLB fans!

Instead of just one regular Friday shout-out, we have one guest blog feature on another site, and then coming up next: a conversation with one of our favorite real, beautiful ladies.

First up, I had a grand ol’ time writing a guest blog over on Cheap Wine and Panty Lines,  the blog of my youngest – and dare I say, feistiest – sibling. This blog is all about fashion, so I got to talk about how to find my favorite kinds of clothes (lady clothes) for my favorite kinds of prices (cheap!) Here’s Lous and I being sisterly, post cross-country road trip, and therefore very real:

NEXT UP: On Sunday we will feature my conversation with the delightful Miss Gwen Edwards, who has a thing or two to tell you about beauty and not sweating the petty crap. You can learn all about Gwen’s latest journey here. In the meantime, here is a photo of Gwen selecting her new breasts.

Now if that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will.