Friday Feminist Funtimes Explosion

One of the best things about this blog is that now, more than ever, when confronted with feministy phenomenon, gender benders, beauty challengers, and reasons to rouse the rabble, my friends and acquaintances think of me. It feels really good to be associated with those things.

It also means that I am sometimes Inundated with uppity goings on from around the interweb world. To round out your week, dear reader, here is a sampling:

Rabble Rousing
My thoughts on photoshop have been expressed time and again on this blog. There are countless people shaking their fists at the idiotic yet still pervasive practice of skewing women’s bodies in the name of fashion/advertising/capitalism/whoeffingknows. For example:

tumblr_mgy8i33akg1s405ijo1_250   tumblr_mgy8i33akg1s405ijo2_250

I mean. WHY.

Really all I have to say about this (that I haven’t said before), is that you only get to have that baby-faced-but-grown-up-full-of-collagen-smooth-perfect-skin for a tiny window in your early/mid twenties. She doesn’t look Better! She just looks Older! Which isn’t a bad thing, but christ, let the girl be 22! Let her be as beautiful as she Actually IS.

Also. They *lowered her collarbone* ………….



You know what else? This happened.

It’s bad enough that she felt compelled to do that to herself, but can we take a moment for the headline? It says “Anna Gunn Shows Off New Look!” when it ought to say “Anna Gunn Panicked Now That Breaking Bad Is Over And She’s Considered An ‘Aging Woman’ In Hollywood So Now We Can See All Of Her Bones!”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need studies or researchers or psychologists to tell me that the photoshop job on JLaw and Anna Gunn’s “new look” are not mutually exclusive.

There is cause. And there is effect.

Ps. This is also dumb. No wonder this is happening.

The Good News
So these pictures were printed with permission on Upworthy, so I shall link you to them. It’s a magazine that doesn’t use photoshop! Here’s their policy:

Verily-Magazine-Policy-1386201629What?? Women’s unique features are beautiful?? It’s like the whole world has gone all topsy-turvy!

In addition to that radtastic policy, Verily looks like one of the coolest magazines ever, and once I’m done Christmas shopping for others, I plan to immediately gift myself a subscription. You should, too!

Side bar: I was extra tickled to see that this magazine is called Verily, as I had just watched this video, which will give you a good laugh if you’re a Shakespeare fan.

More Good News
This Man In a Tutu Helps Women With Breast Cancer

Sometimes, shamelessness is a really great quality. That is all.

A Post for Next Time
The last thing I received was a commercial made by Pantene that is extremely feministy. When I first saw it, I thought, “Get ready for the backlash!” because there are plenty of people who take issue with Feminism as Advertising Tool. But it turns out the naysayers might not be as loud as they were about the Dove campaign, because this commercial won’t air in the US. We’ll stick to the ads featuring bikini bottoms pinched by crabs, thank you very much.

S and I have exchanged some thoughts on this subject before, but in my ever so humble opinion, Pantene has taken things to a new level. So I’ve decided that I shall save my views on this commercial (and feminist advertisements in general) for my next post. It is Friday, after all. I’m sure you have a happy hour to get to.

The Gist
While we are still clearly climbing uphill, it’s important to remember that There Is A Lot To Celebrate.

Final Friday Note: Taylor Swift is My Spirit Animal
Or maybe Feminist Taylor Swift is my spirit animal? Either way, I sure do dress like her a lot.


Our Hollywood, Ourselves

The Oscars are nothing if not contentious. In the information age, one hears everything from ‘outdated, boring, long, elitist, contrived, and total BS’ to ‘glamorous, classic, timeless, exciting, engaging, and it’s-an-honor-just-to-be-nominated.’

I definitely fall into the latter category. While I can’t say I’ve watched the Oscars every year since birth, I can say that I’ve watched them every year since I can remember, except for one year that I (amazingly) forgot, and I (unsurprisingly) cried a little when I realized. Basically the Oscars are my Super Bowl.

This post won’t be about how host Seth McFarlane lived up to my expectations (mediocre and frequently offensive), or how the broadcast was less satisfying than other years, mostly due a severe lack of cutaways to audience reactions (Stop showing me Seth! Show me more Meryl, Bradley, George, Naomi, anybody!), or about what in the hell Anne Hathaway was wearing.

This post will be about women in Hollywood and how delightful it is to slowly, steadily, witness the subtle diversification of Women on the Red Carpet.

In case slowly, steadily, etc., didn’t drive it home, allow me to further temper this observation. What we are witnessing is not a magical utopia of women of All Shapes and Sizes strutting their stuff toward the Dolby Theater. The prevailing silhouettes are still slim, young, and white. However, in 2013, it felt like there were more alternatives to slim, young, and white than there have been in years past. Here are a few of my favorites:


Before you get all uppity about how Jessica Chastain is slim, young, and white, allow me to counter you with a few key points. Yes, she is young, but she isn’t Super Young. According to IMDB, she is about to turn 36, which is an unusual time for a woman to develop her fame. To wit: 36 is not someone you would refer to as a starlet. She is simply, and more accurately, a star.

She is also slim, yes, but she is healthy slim and not crazy slim, and I love the realness of her – the softness of her arms, the subtle wrinkles by her eyes – and how she is not fighting it tooth and nail until she looks like starved, wet fowl injected with food coloring.

As for white, I have no counter. Girl is white as all get out. Some of the people I mention will be white.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

…Such as Hugh Jackman’s wife. Yes, she is not Hollywood herself, but she is married to Hollywood, and often times that is enough to make women feel they need to meet certain physical requirements.

Sure, she’s getting some flak for the ponytail, but oh how I love her pants suit and how I love Hugh Jackman for loving her and probably loving her pants suit as well, and every time I see them together it helps me un-see just a little bit more LA phony madness.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Okay, so this in’t the bombshell Salma that we’re used to, but nothing can truly contain those curves. Maybe it’s curmudgeonly of me, but I wanted to punch Seth McF in the face after his asinine ‘accents are hard to understand but who cares when she’s hot’ “joke” as a method of introducing her. In a battle of the wits between those two, my money is on Salma every time.


I really want this picture to speak for itself, but I do have to say this: Tiny meets Statuesque and it was black sparkly midnight magic.


Kerry Washington in motion…. The more I see this dress, the more I like it. I especially like it here, in its candid fluidity that showcases the wee lass’ athleticism and grace.


Ugh, just look at her. Pure class. Every time. There is a reason we call her Queen. Also I have never been a hater of white dresses on the red carpet. It’s antiquated and reductive to claim that white gown = wedding dress. This is not a wedding dress. This is a gorgeous woman in a gorgeous gown.


Thank you, Sally Field, for not relegating the drama of the evening to a younger woman’s wardrobe. You are slightly batty, even by actress standards, but this dress was a brave, savvy choice. Your saccharine-saturated apprentice should stop studying your oh-so-sweet speeches and take some cues from your fashion sense instead.

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsI know, I know. Shirley Bassey was only there for the Bond tribute, to blow us all over with her performance of Goldfinger. She’s more Motown than Hollywood. Still. Can we make this a thing? Can we arrange for phenomenal, seasoned vocalists to be at the Oscars every year? So they can show up looking amazing and add some pizzazz to the broadcast while they’re at it?


kelly-rowland-oscars-2013-red-carpetThis dress is not my style. I would never choose this dress for me. But for Kelly Rowland, this dress is perfect. She is strong, and lovely, and was a consummate interviewer on the red carpet. Her enthusiasm was genuine and friendly, and her bangs make me want to abandon the side-sweep I have going in exchange for this bold, blunt perfection.
While she is slim, young, and white, I do have to take a moment for Jennifer Lawrence. What she brought to the Oscars last night (and keeps bringing to all that she does), is authenticity. The girl is talented, as humble as an actress can be, and unguarded in a way that Hollywood does not typically support. It helps that she keeps making buckets of money for everyone, but I’m confident that we never, ever have to worry about her turning into this.