Obvious Child, the Obvious Choice

Obvious Child

Obvious Child was so good that I wish I could go back in time (to its opening weekend, of course) and watch it again for the first time!

If you haven’t yet, just go see it, promise? Because we need to vote with our cash on this one. A vote for actress Jenny Slate and writer/director Gillian Robespierre is a vote for women in film! And I’m not talking about Scar Jo as an ‘elite Russian sleeper agent’ or whatever, and if you’re into that, FINE, but I’m just saying, those movies don’t need your money, they are freaking PRINTING MONEY. So if you’re going to see something in the theater, SEE OBVIOUS CHILD. 

First of all, it’s shot on location in gorgeous New York City:


It takes place during horrible Polar Vortex Winter, which looks cute from where we’re sitting in what I’ve come to think of as “Hot Garbage Season”.

Winter is Cute

Gabby Hoffman is in it, who you may remember as Adam’s cray cray sister on GIRLS. Her natural eyebrow game is on point in both roles.

Eyebrows working their magic

She also played Young Demi Moore in Now and Then, on the far left here:

(Sidebar: is this Normcore?)

Adorably, Jenny Slate is the voice of Marcel the Shell, who as we all know, uses a single human hair to tie his skis to the roof of his car:

Lastly, it’s just really funny and good and I wish there were more movies like it, which I bet there will be if we all keep supporting movies like this, so yay.