Versatile Real Living Beauty!

Sometimes S and I are distracted by Life. Things happen – happy things, sad things, exciting things and traumatic things – and we are pulled away from the world of blogging. Hence, our neglect in thanking Jennie Saia from Tip of My Tongue for awarding RLB with this nifty honor! She has christened us as:

versatile-bloggerVersatile Bloggers!

Isn’t that sweet?? We here at RLB do try to cover a multitude of topics, even if they are all rooted in the same idea. Turns out that promoting confidence in women by exploring how we’re represented in the media does inspire quite a variety of subject matter.

So, here are The Rules for this award:

1. Make a post about the award.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself or your blog.
3. Link to 15 other blogs (ideally with less than 200 followers) that you enjoy and that haven’t gotten the award before (if they have, it’s usually posted in their blog side bar).
Seven Random Facts
Since S and I co-author this blog, we shall share seven random facts about the Collective Us:
  1. When we lived in the same city (505 Represent!), we religiously watched Mad Men every Sunday while E’s husband made us dinner, and then we would dissect every moment over delicious grub. We miss those Sundays.
  2. E once used a flawless “Penelope Cruz” accent in a play that S wrote.
  3. We wrote a TV pilot! And it doesn’t suck!
  4. One of the really sad things about our friendship is that we don’t wear the same shoe size.
  5. A nine-year age difference has only enhanced said friendship. E mainly attributes this to S being the most grown up 25-year-old ever. She is so with it, sometimes E feels juvenile next to her.
  6. …except when S says “wh00t”. E does not get “wh00t”.
  7. As far as barricade boys go, E is on team Goldilocks and S is on team Freckle.
Fifteen Blogs
Here are the blogs that we would like to acknowledge, and the definition of ‘versatile’ fluctuates with each. Por ejemplo, some of them blog about a variety of foods they like to cook and consume, some of them cover a plethora of fashion topics, and some of them challenge the notion of diversity in daily life. Some of them just blog about a lot of different things. Please take some moments to enjoy the following:

Cheap Wine and Panty Lines

My Left Tit

Nine Thirty to Five



Classic Rants

Sweetie and the Kitchen

White Tribal Chief

Living la Vida Tractor Blog

She Travels

and we went

Daydreaming since 1985

(it looks like these last two have slightly more than 200 followers, but the idea of clever, entertaining husband and wife bloggers was too adorable to resist):

Fish & Bicycles

Reality Sandwiches

Confession time: Our final nominee is actually a blog that we contribute to. But! Other people contribute to it, too. And! It’s a brand new, clever and campy turning of the tables on male celebrities, giving them a dose of the body conscious wringer that female celebs are put through on an all-too-regular basis. So, in the name of shameless self-promotion, give a visit to:

Hollywood Meat

Well, there you have it. We hope you enjoy these blogs, as we do.