Magnetic Lashes - Fleur

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Fleur – A light and natural lash.

Look Good, Do Good - with up to 90% less plastic used in our packaging compared to most other lash brands, we give you the tools to achieve fabulous, fluttery, Vegan Society registered lashes in sustainably sourced FSC card. Some would call this a Lash Coup…

Line & shine with a seamless solution to lash application. Magnetise those eyes with our simple two-step system.

  • Lashes - Synthetic & Reusable. Proudly registered with the Vegan Society
  • Carton & Tray - FSC Sustainable. Recyclable
  • Eyeliner - PETG & ABS. Recyclable
  • Window Patch - PET. Recyclable

 Directions for use:

  1. Shake Magnetic Eyeliner before use.
  2. Apply a line of Magnetic Eyeliner & allow it to dry.
  3. Apply two more coats.
  4. Lay the Magnetic Lash on top of the Magnetic Eyeliner, as close to the lash line as possible. The lash will magnetise to the Eyeliner.
  5. To remove the Lash, gently pull it away from Eyeliner.
  6. Magnetic Lash Eyeliner can be removed with eye makeup remover.
  7. To reuse the lashes, gently remove any residual Eyeliner from the magnets with a cotton bud and eye makeup remover.