Beauty Coup is dedicated to positive representations of women and people of color in the media, particularly in the realm of entertainment.

The images we see in advertising, film, and television have always influenced the way that we think and feel about ourselves, and in the Information Age it is more important than ever to ensure that all types of women and people of color are represented, and that women are acknowledged and celebrated for all of their complexities and contributions.


About Shannon

Growing up, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel about how I looked. I’m biracial, so I really didn’t see myself in the faces of the girls on TV, or in the movies, or in magazines. Whenever my mom gave me a doll, it was sort of like, “Close enough.”

I hope that all young women of every color, shape, and size will soon see themselves and hear their voices represented in the media. I think it’s really important to question and talk back to the images we see, even if it’s just in your head. I encourage everyone else to do the same. I would also encourage you to ask a little girl what she is reading and not about her dress.

Shannon received her B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico in 2009. Her work has been seen in Albuquerque, Chicago, and online in Bodega literary magazine.  Shannon can be found blogging about women in the media here at Beauty Coup, and posting pictures of Bodega Cats on her tumblr. Shannon currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.


About Elizabeth

Read our first post to discover why I started this blog. Email us at reallivingbeauty@gmail.com with your thoughts and feedback.

Elizabeth is a gal’s gal, guy’s gal, gal about town. She has a very active imagination and lots of opinions and sometimes she writes those things down. Much of her writing can be found at www.beautycoup.com. Elizabeth has also done freelance writing for the Weekly Alibi, and was a 2011 winner of National Novel Writing Month, resulting in her first novel, “Ainsley Lucking: Work in Progress.” Her screenplay “The Other Woman” was an Official Finalist at the Oregon Film Awards and WMC28. Elizabeth is a part-time hedonist and full-time editor. Her alter-ego is a dashing male crooner.

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