A Galentine’s Love Letter

It’s Galentine’s Day and Friday Feminist Funtimes! Clearly this calls for something special, and I’ve decided that something special is Celebrating S, my bestest bestie and my one and only cacahuete.

It all began nearly a decade ago, when I made my way into the unique and magical lands of the southwestern US. First on my agenda was to finally finish my undergraduate degree, and after a brief flirtation with switching majors to Spanish, I succumbed – as I always do – to the lure of the performing arts.

Also I had 60 theatre credits I didn’t want to lose.

And thank the goddess for that, because otherwise this never would have happened:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 3.28.13 PM
Baby S&E

What you readers see through Beauty Coup is a collection of our thoughts and opinions and the ladies we want to champion. What you don’t see is a friendship that has essentially made me who I am today.

Without S, I would never have had the nerve to start calling myself a writer. Without S, this blog surely would have fizzled out after a few months. Without S, I almost definitely would still be a person who had never visited New York. Without S, I’d be clueless about what it means to have a true Writing Partner. Writing Partner, capitalized, because of the utter harmony and delight and inspiration that comes from working with someone who is the Colette to your Mia, the Charlotte/Miranda to your Samantha/Carrie, the Karou to your Zuzana – always supportive, encouraging, and all kinds of real.

Creatively, S and I are not only co-authors of this blog. We also write TV shows together, make theater together, and brainstorm more ideas than we could ever possibly bring to fruition together. We never fight, even when we disagree, which isn’t really a problem because we agree on almost everything (except for that Great Divider, Taylor Swift).

S, I love you. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for never judging me, for laughing with me, for making art with me, for being so over it with me, for being there when the world fell apart and I needed you to go on benders with me, for rousing the rabble with me, for singing karaoke with me, for enjoying the f*ck out of food and drink with me, and for being so unequivocally you.

Let’s hold hands and punch the glass ceiling. 


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