Solve the Mystery, Join the Debate: FFF Styles!

Happy Friday Feminist Funtimes, Beauty Coup readers!

Today I’ve got a doozy for you. The following flowchart appeared earlier this week on an extremely popular website, but not at all the sort of website where one would necessarily expect to find this sort of flowchart.

Except that I might argue this is precisely where one would find this flowchart, and the reasons for my argument are bound to be met with some raised pitchforks.

Here’s the blurb above the image:

A young lady walks by, who you find sexually attractive. You’re probably not clever enough to come up with an original thought, so the only remaining option is to yell out at her, like you are not a smart person. Should you do it?

What follows is amusing, insightful, and as I see it, undoubtedly feminist in nature.

feminist funtimes!
copyright website with the original post (see hyperlink below)


First, think about this graphic in the context of only this graphic. Would you say that it speaks to feminist values? If you’re a woman, does it address an issue that you’ve experienced firsthand? Is it amusing and clever? Do you kinda want to make fliers of it and pass it out to men on the street?

Once you’ve answered some of those questions, take a moment to consider what website you think would house this image. I’ve grayed out the website’s identifying logo in the top right corner, to give you some time to guess. If you’re ready to know, here’s the original post.

Now what are your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Solve the Mystery, Join the Debate: FFF Styles!

  1. Woooooooow! I was thinking Maxim. Frankly I’m surprised. I think it was not that clever actually, pretty lame. Ya know what, I bet maxim would’ve written a more clever flow chart. I’m just a little surprised In playboy, cuz it’s stupid. However that’s how they make money, from men who would be interested in cat calling. So in that respect, it makes perfect sense to encourage the behavior. Dumb playboy. I don’t like it one bit.

    Sent from my iPhone, whose signature is not as clever as yours.


  2. I’d say it sounds like someone at Playboy respects women, and managed to slide that in. I think it’s cool, because there is a difference between objectifying women (on the street, in the movie theater, at the bar, in the coffee shop….) who have not consented to it, and objectifying women who have put themselves out there sort of for that purpose. So, it’s like they’re saying ‘women are people too, don’t be a dick and catcall or harass women, look at these pictures of beautiful women who have volunteered and consented to be looked at in that manner!’
    Way to be slightly progressive, Playboy!

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