Thigh Gap Schmigh Schmap

Hey there, Beauty Coup d’etat Darlings! It’s Friday Feminist Funtimes!

Combing through the bookmarks I’ve made on Potential Blog Topics, I stumbled on this ridiculous phenomenon from last summer. I have two thoughts here.

One: Why would you want your legs to resemble hot dogs?

This icky tumblr is a side-effect of the aggravating Thigh Gap obsession that has been sweeping the Internets for some time. Thigh Gap is also responsible for the obnoxious, twee, red carpet pose known as Pigeon Toed. **No One Stands Like This In Real Life**

Thigh Gap, for the blessedly uninitiated, is when you put your legs together and your thighs don’t touch. Most supermodels have it, and as we know, looking like a supermodel is a completely reasonable and attainable goal for the average woman.


Sidebar: if you want to be a supermodel, you better have a Thigh Gap or you are totes fatty fat fat.

Take this Pintrest board, for example. Some of these gals look perfectly healthy and probably always have had/will have that lil’ space between their thighs. Other photos here scream only one word at me: HUNGRY.

Now I’m no stranger to coveting the Gap. When I was a roly-poly 10-year-old, I told my grandma that I was fat. When she asked me why I thought that, I told her that my thighs touched. My older sister was skinny, I explained to grandma, and her thighs didn’t touch. My chubby thighs smooshed right up against each other.

My grandma, one of the best people who has ever lived, turned to my wee, impressionable self and said “Oh darling, that just means when you grow up you’ll have shapely legs, and men will adore them.”

Not only was my grandma an amazing woman who drank whiskey out of teacups, she was totally f*cking right. My legs are kind of incredible, if I may humbly say so myself. They’re a star attraction of my curvy frame. And I have never not once in my entire life had a Thigh Gap. Because the truth is that some bodies are not built for Thigh Gaps. I have a decent dip in my waist, some visible ab muscles (she works hard for the money!), delicate bones, a sizable JLo, and thighs that touch.

Of course I want to start an Anti-Thigh Gap Revolution, involving pictures of sexy thighs that touch. But, curious fact, if you don’t have a Thigh Gap obsession, odds are good you don’t have that many pictures of your thighs. All of my burlesque-era photos are on a different computer, so I’ve done a little improvising.

Here’s me in leggings having just hiked up a mountain in Hawaii. Lookin’ good, thighs that carried me up a mountain!
Here are my thighs right now, today, mere moments ago, in a Classic Thigh Gap (CTG) position. As you can see, gap schmap.
thighs 1
Lastly, here’s the top of my gams with feet on the floor, ankles together – another CTG pose.
thighs 2
Ohmygodyouguys!!! Is that a tiny space I see between my legs?? Is that the floor we’re seeing through an infinitesimal amount of space betwixt one thigh and the other??? OMG GUESS WHAT??

I don’t fucking care.


4 thoughts on “Thigh Gap Schmigh Schmap

  1. SERIOUSLY!!!! ANTI-T.G.!!!!! Voluptuous women rule!! they BEGAN the women fashion/pop-culture era!!


    *xo, Hannah Johnson* SAG – AFTRA

    310-351-0758 [image: IMDb] [image: Instagram] [image: Twitter] [image: Vimeo] [image: Soundcloud] [image: pinterest] [image: YouTube] [image: LinkedIn] [image: Facebook]

  2. I never understood the appeal of thigh gaps, especially ones that start from the very top. It makes you look like you have two awkward sticks for legs. (At least the very thigh-gappy women I’ve seen look like that). Also, like you mentioned, you could be pretty damn thin and not achieve a thigh gap—it’s all about the structure of your skeleton. That people are going nuts for stick-legs is mind-boggling.

  3. I don’t understand how you could claim having a thigh gap is no BFD yet you want a bunch of people to post pictures of their touching thighs. Why would I want my thighs to resemble hot dogs? uh, how about why would I want my thighs to start a forest fire? You see how hypocritical you are being and how it can go both ways?

    You don’t need to put down women with thigh gaps (which many MEN and women have naturally and can get in a healthy way – look up a little book called the thigh gap hack ) to feel better about your ‘strong’ thighs

    You are just coming off as being a hater in this post

    1. The intention was never to put down women with thigh gaps. You’ll note that when referencing the Pintrest board, it is acknowledged that “Some of these gals look perfectly healthy and probably always have had/will have that lil’ space between their thighs.” Because of course there are plenty of people who have a naturally occurring thigh gap.

      This post is against the thigh gap *Obsession*, not thigh gaps in general. There is no claim here that a superior alternative is to have ‘thighs to start a forest fire,’ nor any claim that ‘strong’ is better than thin. The problem with the thigh gap obsession is that there are bodies that simply cannot achieve that look, even if they are perfectly healthy bodies. It is ultimately harmful to fixate on one or two markers of beauty that a person may or may not even be capable of attaining. To assert that a woman is not thin or fit as long as her thighs touch is absurd, just as it would be absurd to say that a every single woman whose thighs don’t touch is too skinny or unhealthy.

      The goal here at Beauty Coup is always to celebrate beauty in its many and varied forms. I hope this helps to clarify our position.

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