There’s Room in this City for all my Girls

Hello Beauties, this is S, reporting to you from a pretty spectacular Sunday where I just marathoned the last three episodes of Broad City while chomping on a banh mi sandwich. (Is saying ‘banh mi sandwich’ redundant? Like Rio Grande River? Either way, it’s a baller food item and I recommend eating one, much in the same way I recommend watching Broad City!)

Broad City

Broad City just got picked up for a second season, which is just the best news. Originally a web series created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of UCB, Broad City was picked up by Comedy Central and is produced by none other than Smart Girl Amy Poehler.

The people love it. (How Broad City Became TV’s Funniest Comedy- Slate) Great right? HOWEVER, amidst all this well-deserved praise lurks a bunch of predictable, annoyingly titled articles drawing comparisons between Broad City and another show I happen to like very much, HBO’s Girls.

Annoyingly Titled Articles Comparing Broad City to Girls:

Why Broad City is the Anti-Girls

5 Things Broad City Offers that Girls Doesn’t

Girls vs. Broad City: Which Show is Actually the “Voice of a Generation”?

Broad City vs. Girls

We Settle the Broad City vs. Girls Debate Once and for All

…and the list goes on! Come on, is that really how it’s gotta be? Pitting women against each other…literally? Broad City vs. Girls? Why? Is there only allowed to be one show about women on TV at a time?!

I don’t accept this!

Shosh Smash(Shosh Smash)

In the words of Jay-Z*, there are eight million stories out there in the naked city. I’m not a mathematician, but I think that means a little over 4 million of those stories are women’s. Broad City is not ‘the anti-girls’. Girls requires no antidote, there’s room on TV for all kinds of shows about women. Shows that vary in tone and message, content and execution, style and story.

Both Girls and Broad City just keep getting better and I’m excited to see more of both. We really do not have to choose. There’s room in this city for all my girls.  And maybe soon, we’ll even see some shows about women who live in the flyover states. -S

Five It


*This line is actually a direct quote from a 1940s film noir entitled Naked City. But, still, Jay-Z. And also, A Tribe Called Quest.

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