All I Can Say Is… Why

Inspired by a sexologist over on Tumblr, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on a recent pop culture event…

I’m certain that I can speak for S when I say that we here at RLB are equal opportunity bloggers. We are female-focused, but we are male-positive. As much as both men and women should be celebrated for all they have to offer, so should they both be held accountable when they majorly eff up.

To wit: This notion that Miley Cyrus is somehow more to blame than Robin Thicke for the absurdity of that VMA performance is asinine.

Having not seen the video, but only looked at some stills, I can honestly say that what made me most uncomfortable was the complicit yet bumbling participation of Robin Thicke. Am I the only one who thinks he did not seem entirely comfortable with what was happening? Which begs the question, why did he do it? Why would someone who is old enough to know better, who claims to be singing about ‘blurred lines’ as part of his ‘feminist agenda,’ (which, yeah…) agree to something so horribly awkward?

I am a very sex-positive person. This performance didn’t bother me because of any explicit sexual conduct from either party involved. Sex as art can be amazing, when done well. This bothered me because she seemed to be acting out of a desperate need for attention, and he looked like he just wanted it all to be over with, and neither of those things are what sex should ever be about.














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