“Girls” Talk

Hey hey RLBers! I was recently invited on the Practically Ideal podcast to discuss some of the prevailing opinions about HBO’s Girls. We landed in some familiar territory for RLB, and if you haven’t read Elizabeth’s recent post Greater Than the Sum of Our Lady Parts, wherein E addresses the internet’s collective outcry over a woman who weighs over 100 lbs banging Patrick Wilson on a ping pong table (slash marble counter top slash bed), you should definitely do so as soon as is physically/humanly/emotionally possible for you.

Thanks to Logan & Bob for having me on the podcast! As a side note, in said podcast you will hear me affirm that Lena Dunham is a beautiful person who can bang whoever she wants. I recently learned that she is choosing to bang someone from that band Fun. whose song We Are Young is definitely NOT PLAYED ENOUGH in fact I wish I could listen to it right now oh wait it’s burned into my brain forever. Thanks, Guy Lena Dunham is Banging.

Lena Dunham and the guy she's banging, maybe on a ping pong table, AS IS HER RIGHT
photo via usmagazine.com

Hope you enjoy this conversation and you are all beautiful.

Practically Ideal Podcast Episode 6: HBO’s Girls

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