Saturday Love Special

Today is my husband’s birthday. It has been a delightful treat to call him my husband ever since we were married almost four years ago. A picture of us on our wedding day was recently featured in an ad for Tiffany ‘love notes’ (yes, that Tiffany), and it was very exciting to see our love represent something so timeless and romantic.

Today I also read a post that was shared by our wedding photographers, Kitty and Craig. It is an open letter to a wedding magazine that would not publish an ad for Anne Almasy wedding photography, because she wanted to use a photo of a same-sex couple. Her letter is beautiful, powerful, and rings true to me in so many ways. Please take a moment to read it, and share it if you are so inclined.

I am married to a man, but I am not a heterosexual woman. Gender doesn’t matter to me, and before I met my husband I was in relationships with women. I have loved women, cherished women, and challenged the notions in our society of what it means to Be a woman.

This will always be a part of who I am. In my marriage, I am secure and accepted by the world around me, but because of my heart and its history, I need to fight the good fight until love between all genders is ensured that same security and acceptance.

Thank you, Anne Almasy, for also fighting the good fight. Our site doesn’t usually have ads, but we will run this one for you.


One thought on “Saturday Love Special

  1. Like you, I am a woman. Although I am in a relationship with a woman, I have been in relationships and married to only men. I met a woman….I have never in my life been happier. I am not saying its because she is a woman, but I now know what I thought was love in the past, was not. She(and others ask me), “what is like being with a woman, when all you have known is men?”… response(and some cannot grasp this), “I don’t see you as a “woman”, not that I see her as a man by no means. She treats me with respect. She is different than “them”(my pasts). The way she thinks, the way she responds, the way we communincate(she wants to communicate). I am not saying that all this is because she is a woman. Perhaps the men I was with were wrong for me. Perhaps! However, I have no desire to see if that is the case. I am in a relationship with a WONDERFUL person. And yes, I will marry her. Legal or not.

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