Practicing Bitchface

It’s Friday and I have checked out and can do nothing more than practice my bitchface, as inspired by Tavi and as seen in my post earlier this week.

I have to say, after practicing, I am extra super impressed with Ms. Gevinson. This is an art form that she has truly mastered. Repulsed face was definitely the hardest for me. Here were my best efforts:


Photo on 2-15-13 at 4.31 PM

REPULSED (Try this! It’s hard.)

Photo on 2-15-13 at 4.42 PM




Photo on 2-15-13 at 4.35 PM #3


Photo on 2-15-13 at 4.36 PM #2
HANDS 1, 2, & 3

Photo on 2-15-13 at 4.39 PMPhoto on 2-15-13 at 4.40 PM #2Photo on 2-15-13 at 4.41 PM #3



I think HANDS was my most successful. What’s *your* best bitchface?? Inquiring minds that think it’s already the weekend want to know.

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