Mischievous Magnificent Miranda

Lou and I are both completely enamored with country music rabble-rouser Miranda Lambert, and Lou was nice enough to write a Friday Shout Out for her yay! Kick off your weekend with our (soon to be your) latest girl crush:

I’ve always been a bit of a cowgirl and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love blasting cheesy country tunes every chance I get. I was really stoked when the new television show, “Nashville” started because, well for one, we got to see Connie Britton return to the small screen (if you haven’t watched every season of Friday Night Lights yet, hop to it) and for two, I was excited to have a dramatized look behind the Nashville country music scene. I know it’s television, but in reality, I’m not sure how dramatized it actually is. I suspect in that industry, women really are assholes to each other more often than not, which is lame. That’s why I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite country singers and all around female badasses – Miranda Lambert.

I just finished watching her Best Female Vocalist acceptance speech at last night’s Country Music Awards and I wasn’t surprised, but I sure was smitten, when she started talking about how she wanted to accept that award on behalf of all women in country music because “girls, there’s room for all of us!” What makes it even better is I believe she actually means it.

This is a woman who openly talks about her struggles with body image, weight, celebrity, her relationship, and growing stardom. She’s got opinions and she’s not afraid to share them. Google her, read some of what she has to say, and get ready to have a new girl crush.

And can I just point out that she’s one of the few celebrities to openly call out Chris Brown for being scum? Here’s a good summary of their Twitter feud:


…right? Girl crush. Right? Told you.

So, thanks to Miranda Lambert for being a little rough around the edges, for exuding self-confidence, singing catchy tunes, speaking your mind, and being an all-around totally bodacious babe. Yee-haw!

That’s your mission for today, RLB readers. Bone up on some Miranda music and Miranda musings! She’s a sassy, talented lady who is not to be missed.

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