Sometimes I read gossip. In truth, I read One Gossip Site, because the women who contribute to Lainey Gossip are smart, clever, and savvy about much more than the entertainment business. Recently, one of the author’s cited a Susan Sarandon interview with Katie Couric, and then went on to talk about the perks of being a woman grown.

This isn’t something we hear about very often. Even here at RLB, our focus is usually on girls, young women, and maybe sometimes women in their 40’s or 50’s. After watching SS in those interview clips, I am abashed about this oversight. What else is all of this self-awareness and confidence-building for, if not to become the best versions of ourselves? What better inspiration than amazing women who are so self-possessed they knock back tequila and play ping-pong for fun at the age of sixty-six?


Obsession with youth has reached ghastly proportions. We live in an age where people in their 20’s are going under the totally unnecessary knife, and ‘age-defying’ is a part of our cosmetic vernacular.

It is with all of this in mind that I urge you to visit Kick Up Your Heels and participate in the latest call to action. Instead of running, screaming, toward a non-existent forever young time machine, veiled with botox and impossible promises, let’s embrace and celebrate aging. I’ve got a ping-pong table, you bring the tequila.


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