Shout Out Blitz

It is so heartening to encounter waves upon waves of confidence and positivity in the world. Thanks, internets, for being the conduit for these amazing endeavors:

1. My New Motto
Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) is a fashion icon. Turns out she is also a kick ass lady who includes hiking boots among the “5 – 10 key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe,” and smiling as a “beauty essential.”

She is also the architect of my new mantra. During an interview with the one and only GP, DVF was asked about the three top qualities she looks for in a female friend, and her first answer was “Confidence, because insecurity is a waste of time…” How brilliant is that? Can you imagine the things women could accomplish if we all stopped exerting so much time and energy on our supposed shortcomings? Genius.*

DVF follows that up with “…honesty because there is no point in being told everything is great all the time. A woman needs friends who will tell her the truth.” Which, again, sage words from a wise woman. REALness is where it’s at. For her third most important trait, show GOOP a little love and read the interview.

2. Lady Gaga
If you pay attention to pop culture, you know that Lady Gaga is one of the latest female celebs to fall prey to the “OMG she totally gained weight!” scrutiny of the “news” media. She is not the first woman to be put under this microscope, and sadly she will not be the last.

What does set her apart is her reaction to these attacks on her physique. This woman is young, she is crazy talented, and an international phenomenon to boot. She has plenty of power to wield in response to the jerk-faces throwing their judgment around, but instead she is using her power to do two things:
– assert herself as a human being, with as much vulnerability as the rest of us, and
– reach out to her fans
How is she doing this, you ask? With her very own social network (which I was unhiply unaware of until this morning), where she posted photos of her body under the tag Body Revolution, simultaneously revealing her struggles with bulimia and anorexia. She defied her naysayers by owning her insecurities and casting them off, and encouraged her ‘little monsters’ to do the same.

Real Living Beauty aims to do what Gaga is doing, without the massive following of an incomparable pop star. Looking at the images of countless people around the world, and reading bits and pieces of their stories, confessions, and declarations… it stirred me up and made me a. really happy, b. inspired to join the ranks of the monsters and share my swimsuit post from awhile back, and c. a bigger Gaga fan than ever before. Hats off and paws up, M’Lady.
3. The Smart Girls YouTube Channel
This is one of the things that makes me believe growing up would’ve been easier if The Internet had existed. It also would’ve been harder, but right now that’s beside the point.

Amy Poehler is at it again with her cohorts Amy Miles and Meredith Walker. Smart Girls describes itself as “a place for funny, thoughtful and deceivingly educational programming. The channel celebrates girls, friendships and spontaneous dance parties!”

Regardless of your age or gender, do yourself a favor – go watch a bunch of these amazing videos and then subscribe to Smart Girls so you never miss out on one again.

4. My sister and her blog
Many of you know Lou as a guest blogger here on RLB, and I’m sure you’re smart enough to have checked out her blog, Cheap Wine and Pantylines. It was awesome before – consisting primarily of drunken fashion critiques – but she’s going for an even better blog with a writer reboot and a healthy dose of Celebrating Ladies.

RLB is all about ladies and celebrating, and Lou’s take on two of our favorite things is to feature amazing women from her community in Ptown and highlight their amazing abilities, amazing accomplishments, and of course, their amazing fashion. Amazeballs! Amazeovaries! So stay tuned to Lou and her lady friends, as they take over the world one spectacular endeavor at a time.


*To be clear, this doesn’t mean I think none of us should or will be insecure ever again. It’s a part of being human. The point is to not let it hold you back, and I have some ideas about how to put that Point into Action. Keep an eye out for RLB’s Action Page – Kick Up Your Heels! Coming Soon…..

Shout Out Blitz! Happy Wednesday, RLB Readers!
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