Keeping it Fresh/Boyfriends Doing Makeup

Hey there, Real Living Beauties!

On Friday, RLB discussed MissRepresentation‘s Fresh Face Friday campaign, a call for concerned citizens across the internet to discuss the limited portrayal of female beauty in the media, as well as show off their natural faces, make up free– just to remind everybody what that actually looks like.

Ladies posted photos of themselves, smiling proudly without a stitch makeup, and looking great.  Check them out over at twitter, tagged: #freshface.

Well, that was Friday, and what is easy to feel great about on Friday is not always so on Monday. Enter, a YouTube makeup tag to brighten your Monday: My Boyfriend Does My Makeup.

I think we’re all in agreement that makeup is hard. There is a thing called primer. There is a (scary) thing called lip plumper. One does not come by these skills easily. It takes trial and error. There is eye poking. That is why I could watch this simple formula repeat itself all day: YouTubers post videos of their boyfriends putting on their makeup, with no instruction. The results of this “YouTube tutorial” spinoff are mixed, but consistently satisfying, and frequently cute.

Not all of these are safe for work, language-wise, so, headphones.

Enjoy, beauties! Maybe you’ll pick up some tips. Maybe we’ll even do a series of these, RLB style??! Happy Monday, you can do it!

5 thoughts on “Keeping it Fresh/Boyfriends Doing Makeup

  1. The more I think about this, the more I realize that it’s not only funny (which it is – often hysterical), it’s also a pretty great example of how oblivious men are to what girls and women do to enhance their beauty. Whether it’s on a daily basis or for special occasions, there’s a level of effort and skill that must be mystifying to them.

    Am trying to convince mi esposo that we need to up the stakes: “My Husband Does My Makeup” …I have a theory that he would be better at it than a boyfriend, because he’s seen me do it So Many Times. We’ll see if I can persuade him…..

    1. Think we need to go ahead and make this happen.
      Ps. Just re-watched the first video I posted here, and I think it’s cute how the boyfriend keeps saying “It’s taking your freckles away,” when he’s applying the foundation.

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