Give Amy Poehler a Virtual Hug

Sometimes the happenings it a celebrity’s personal life create a ripple effect. As though they actually matter in our own, non-famous lives. Even without the headline, you would probably all know which recent Happening I am referring to.

As if divorce weren’t hard enough all by itself, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett – two celebs who’ve historically avoided the plague of paps – are now under the microscope of gossip mongers everywhere. Just to twist the knife a little more, some twerpy ‘expert’ blames Amy’s success as the reason her marriage failed, and Twitterers the world over are bemoaning the end of Love as we know it. In an attempt to make sad news into shocking news, the gossips are inventing stupid headlines that hopefully will only spur Amy and Will to laugh at dummies trying to cash in on their heartbreak.

Another tactic is splashing a bit of “scandal” into the scene, by pointing out that A Woman Getting A Divorce Took Off Her Wedding Ring. O. M. G. You guys. That is cray. But wait no it is Super Scandalous because Her Top Is Also Kinda See Through.

All of this makes me tired, so I can only imagine how Ms. Poehler must feel. In spite and maybe because of it all, AP still manages to dole out some sage ass wisdom to gals everywhere, in her delightful YouTube series of Ask Amy videos. The latest one is traveling around the internets, yet sadly is not getting nearly as much attention as the Amy Isn’t Married Anymore So Love Isn’t Real headlines.

Do yourselves a favor. Watch this. Share it. Subscribe to her YouTube channel. We are more than who we love. Now let’s all give Amy a BIG VIRTUAL HUG.

Here she is as our favorite politician, Leslie Knopf
And here she is with gum on her face
And here she is in the Best. Red Carpet Pose. Ever. No effing pigeon-toes here!
And lastly, here she is laughing like she has made us laugh 100 times over, and will continue to even if she’s not married.

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