Swimsuit Revolution

There’s this woman, Brittany Gibbons, Editor in Chief of the Curvy Girl Guide, and she is braver than me. The first reason she gets a shout out during RLB Shout Out Week is for her online magazine and their manifesto. Make that a womanifesto. I want to organize a group photo of every woman I love (there would be a lot of flights involved), and pair it alongside those words. They make me really, really happy.

She also has a very entertaining blog that I just had to tear myself away from, lest I get sucked into the vortex of amusing blog posts that distract me from ever finishing the post I am attempting to write in honor of her posts.

Brittany Gibbons – Lovely, Clever, and Daring

Reason numero dos that Ms. Gibbons is such a bad ass? She’s started a revolution. By wearing her bathing suit in public. And I do not mean on a beach. I mean in Times Square, y’all. On Television! And then On Stage! At a TED talk. Which is now on the Internet. Meaning the Entire World now has access of footage to her in her bathing suit.

Last fall I was in Hawaii, and I went kayaking in the ocean, and it was quite an adventure, and I felt pretty effing brave. Once safely ashore, the two women I was with wanted a commemorative photo. You know what I did before we took it? I threw on my sundress. Because they were both smaller than me, and I didn’t want posterity to record me looking… well, bigger than them.

So it’s pretty clear what I have to do. Luckily I’m going to happy hour first.

Here it is. For Brittany. For all the women inspired by her. As S once said: For Science.
An image of me, in a bathing suit, facing the mirror, adjusting my ponytail. Taken tonight, by my husband, with my iPhone. No sucking in. No skinny pose. No push-up bra. No mirror face (you know you have one, too). No instagramming, no enhancing, just me. Smudged mirror and all.

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