Tavi Runs the World

RLB Shout Out Week! RLB Shout Out Week! Celebrating courage, beauty, tenacity, gumption, and assorted instances of badassery. Today, I raise a non-alcoholic beverage (or maybe like a Smirnoff Ice?) to 16-year-old fashion blogging wunderkind Tavi Gevinson.

Tavi is the founder of Rookie Magazine, a magical internet place where thoughtful, artful young ladies can read about the shit we’re all living through, learn how to make crowns, look at pictures of real girls their own age looking fracking* awesome, and best of all, participate. Tavi has been leading a gang of Rookies in a road trip across the country, holding Rookie meet-ups hither and thither wherein these bad ass kids get to hang out, make said crowns, and be fracking* awesome together.

While Tavi and her army of Rookies can’t change the fact that being a teenager is simultaneously terrible and wonderful, it is doing a lot to emphasize and celebrate the wonderful part.

Using the internet to make a positive impact on girl culture and not just to stream episodes of Battlestar Galactica for six to eight hours? Get it, Tavi. You are a force.

*Full disclosure: I have been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica and I kind of can’t stop?

One thought on “Tavi Runs the World

  1. 1. I Love that Tavi took her tween fashionista success and turned it into Rookie. Can you imagine high school life with Rookie on your side? I can’t because the Internet barely existed, but I’m certain it would’ve been at least 20 times easier to deal with.

    2. BSG 4-Eva! And now you have a massive, wonderful girl-crush on Starbuck, the likes of which the world has seen many, many, many, many times before.

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