Gwen Rocks On

As this is my birthday week and birthdays are all about celebration, I declare this Shout Out Week on RLB. Each day will bring a new Shout Out, celebrating all sorts of things – courage, beauty, tenacity, gumption – if it makes you feel good and tips its glass to life, we shall celebrate it here!

To begin, I’d like to give RLB readers an update on one Miss Gwen Edwards, who recently appeared in an RLB interview. She has had another surgery (which you can read about on her blog), and prior to going under the knife yet again, she invited me to be a part of her experience by continuing to document what cancer is doing to her body. Gwen is very grateful to everyone who is following her story. She is navigating the trials and tribulations of this journey with the utmost grace, and as an example of that, she has granted me permission to post one of the images I captured.

Here we celebrate Gwen, giving cancer a run for its effing money, in all of her real, bare bones, unaltered beauty.

This is for you, Gwen. Consider this post another testament to the love, faith, and support you have alongside you. You are beautiful.


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