Friday Props: Tanesha Awasthi

Friday is here!

If it happens to be a pay day Friday for you (dolla make me holla, honey boo boo!*) you might be thinking of doing a little shopping this weekend. Whether you shop online or use shopping as your cardio, a fun fashion blog is always a good place to start for inspiration. Many ladies and lads of these fine internets have perfected the art of the personal style blog, and today RLB is giving one of them her propers.

Tanesha Awasthi is “the girl” behind the blog Girl With Curves, which is one of my favorites because it’s an excellent example of a woman celebrating her body through her own personal style. There should be a joy in getting dressed every morning, and this blog captures that joy through gorgeous photos, styled by Tanesha and taken by her husband. Tanesha recently did the following interview on a local TV segment in San Francisco. She discussed beauty standards in the media, the state of the fashion industry, and the mission of her blog. The world “real” pops up in the interview, and I love how Tanesha points out that all women are “real” women, no matter their size. She’s campaigning not for the abolition of one ideal only to be replaced by another, but for a more diverse and complete picture of beauty in the fashion world, which she loves.

Truth bombs dropped by a completely stunning person. Enjoy!

*Have you SEEN this child? Had to be mentioned.

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