Commitment in Print

Thanks to the hard work of the folks at MissRepresentation, the uppity teen Julia Bluhm, and folks full of moxie (like you!), Seventeen magazine has made a public declaration of their photoshop intentions and practices. It’s a lot of positivity, and a lot of support for teenage girls. 

When I first read this news on Facebook, I couldn’t help noticing how negative a lot of the comments were.
“This is something they already do – what’s the win here?”
“Have I been signing petitions for nothing?”

To the naysayers: Any public declaration by a major teen magazine in support of positive body image and confidence for teenage girls is progress. It not only empowers the girls who read the magazine to know that their thoughts and opinions matter, it sends a strong message to other publications that their readers are likely to demand the same treatment. The publishers of Seventeen are more easily held accountable to their claims by having the nerve to commit to their standards in print.

Let’s quit all the nitpicking and celebrate this victory for what it is: a step in the right direction.

If you happen to Be a teen (or just still like reading Seventeen Magazine), this tumblr is fun and full of clearly un-photoshopped images, like the one below.

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