Where my curls at?

“Miss Shannon, your hair looks like a witch.” -Small Child

I have a lot of young children in my life. They are incredible to be around. Every day they are growing and changing and you can see it happening. They are constantly attempting to interpret the strange universe around them, processing and analyzing new information about the physical and social landscape into which they were born.

One of the things that fascinates me most is how quickly they perceive the subtle hints about physical appearance that sort people into categories. On days when I wear heels, I look “like a mom”. They pick up these cues as quickly as they pick up the vocabulary to describe them. Pink is for girls. Short hair is for boys.

And dark curly hair is for witches, obviously.

That is why it is so fun to see a kid’s movie like this coming out:

that challenges the princess archetype both through the story and visually. Although, if I were her, I think I’d desperately want a hair tie right now. That is some serious hair.

Brave will be the first Pixar movie with a female protagonist. (Do we think this means that we will cry more, or less? Let’s not forget the trauma of the first five minutes of UP!) This gal may not be the first red-headed princess we’ve seen, but thank god she is wearing more than a bra made out of two shells. The story for this film was created by Brenda Chapman, who was the first female to direct an animated film* from a major studio!

So, we’d like to give a big Friday shout-out (what what!) to Brenda Chapman and all our frizzy haired beauties out there. You are not witches! Unless you are, in which case, we hope you’ll be a good role model. Think of the children!

*It was the Prince of Egypt, which also fails to feature a teenager in a bra.

2 thoughts on “Where my curls at?

  1. I would like to add that Brave is opening June 22nd. The best way we can support women in film (and their non-seashell wearing, frizzy-haired lady protagonists), is to go see their movies Opening Weekend. That’s all that really matters in Hollywood – a strong opening weekend at the box office. So, any time you want to see a movie that was written, directed, produced, or created by a woman, Don’t Wait! Embrace the $15 splurge, and you will help persuade film studios to give us more movies featuring complex female characters and their fascinating journeys.

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