Beauté sans Chimiques (part deux)

Happy Sunday, Real Living Beauties!

Welcome to part two of our editorial on natural beauty products! In case you missed it, here is part un. Having depleted my usual make up supply, and curious about switching to natural products, I turned to Ms. Elizabeth to seek her sage advice on the subject.

Armed with her recommendations, I entered my local Sephora store with confidence and purpose. I have field tested my selections and present my findings here for your consideration.

Okay, here is a picture of me with no make up. On the internet. All in the name of science.

The first item I purchased was the Argan Blend Concealer by Josie Maran, which E has dubbed The Best Concealer on the Planet. As you may remember, she prizes it for its moisturizing powers and solid coverage of the under-eye area.

I am so glad I bought this. I am always buying disappointing concealers that don’t conceal shiz. This concealer comes in two tones, which combine forces to create even coverage that does not quit. And it builds on itself! I applied it to my “t-zone” and under my eyes to create the illusion that I totally got enough sleep!


Moving on to cheeks: Tarte Cheek Stain. This neat little guy is like chap stick, sort of? For your face? It blends beautifully. I applied the stick right to my face and used my fingers to blend it in. It didn’t take much to achieve the shade I wanted, and so I can tell that this will last a long time. Elizabeth uses “Blushing Bride” but I went with “True Love” after some preliminary field testing in the store.

Can you see this? I’m looking rosey!

Onward: Lips! I am constantly applying lip products to my smackers. I collect (read: hoard) them. Newest addition to my collection: Korres Lip Butter. I got Pomegranate/Grenade because that is what Elizabeth put on the list and I was not about to go rogue in Sephora. Go rogue in Sephora and you emerge two hours later with yellow nail polish and an assortment of sponges. This lip butter is delightful! It is so soft and…buttery? It also has a nice color that lasts a long time.

Buttery lips. Mmm.

Also, I have a stud in my nose, in case you were thinking I have a green zit. I don’t! And if I did, I would have covered it, with my new dual action concealer.

On to my eyeballs! I’m not great with eyeliner. At least, that’s what I thought! The eyeliner I usually buy melts into the corners of my eyes and creeps underneath them after like ten minutes of applying. It’s not a good look. I don’t usually bother. But this BareMinerals Big Bright Eyeliner does no such running, so I guess I can chalk this one up to being cheap. E suggested blue for a bold summery look, but the store was out of it! Was forced to deviate from the list, but wished to remain bold. Got purple.

Eyes: lined

That’s it for my purchases! As the wise Ms. E mentioned, this stuff ain’t cheap. However, I found that it lasted a lot longer than my old make up did. I’m usually reapplying and retouching on my lunch break, but I didn’t need to with this face on. If I can get that, while also removing the possible risks that other beauty products may have on my health, well, great!

I did not buy everything on E’s list, rather I chose to start with the basics. I think I’d like to phase in the tinted moisturizer as time goes on and future paychecks roll in. Ditto on the mascara.

So, in conclusion, that was fun! Spending a little extra is usually worth it in situations like this. Can you often find an amazing old dress at a thrift store for $5.00? Yes. But are you going to buy that cheap toilet paper they have at the airport to use in your bathroom? No. Pick your battles.

4 thoughts on “Beauté sans Chimiques (part deux)

  1. Love! And you have such a great face. The recommendations from E were just enough to highlight those stunning features. And all good for our planet too. Polar bears will be as stoked as I am. Good work ladies.

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