Friday Beauty Shout

Fridays here at RLB are reserved for Shout Outs to ladies and gents around the world (some famous, some should be famous), who promote what’s real. They celebrate the variety among us, and the endless elements that make humans beautiful.

Today I’m going with a celebrity, although when I say “Alicia Silverstone,” I’m willing to bet that most of you think of this:

…and even though the 90’s are back, Alicia has in fact moved on from being Clueless to becoming a vegan eco-warrior who feeds her son from her own mouth.

Regardless of how you feel about her politics or her feeding techniques, Alicia is on our radar today because she has a new line of beauty products that go the extra mile when it comes to being green.

Considering RLB’s makeup theme for the week, I thought it only appropriate to recognize a lady who is using her fame and prowess to promote many healthy ways of living… even if some of them do kinda weird us out.

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