Beauties in Motion

I’m fresh off of boxing class and feeling like a Million Dollar Baby. Except that y’all better make sure that effing chair GETS TAKEN OUT OF THE RING. Do you hear me? Spoiler Alert 2004. I don’t even need that chair there, okay? I’m not tired.

I am speaking to you as a person who has recently left the gym. I know that these people can be annoying. These people who managed to get themselves together enough to successfully complete a half hour of Spinning before arriving at work on time. (Never. Never any of those things.) But really, I felt great walking out of there because I was connected with my body. Our bodies are amazing and can accomplish incredible things. It’s good to focus on not what they look like, but what they can do.

So, if you’re having a rough week, I say, channel these babes. Feeling negative? Just be like,


Down on yourself?


Wanna quit?


Then, we need to hug it out:

Because we’re all babes here. Medals for everyone!

Keep it real, folks!

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