Fashion is Fun. Take it from Lou.

Hello RLB Readers! The time has come for another guest blog spot, and to fill the virtual pages this week we’ve asked Elizabeth’s sister, one Miss Louise Christine, to speak about fashion fabulousness. It all overlaps with Lou’s blog (see link below), which is a bit more crass than RLB tends to be, so be prepared for some brashness and the occasional expletive. Consider it your mid-week break from propriety. Read on and enjoy!

Over on my own blog, cheapwineandpantylines, which I keep with a dear friend of mine, we might publish the following article under, “Completely Unqualified Fashion Advice”, or “We’re Awesome”. You see, we keep a blog all about fashion, even though neither of us really knows anything about it. We didn’t go to Parsons for fashion design, we have $0 to spend on nice things, and I’m pretty sure neither of us has ever set foot near a runway.

But the one thing we do have is a propensity for fun, a boatload of misguided confidence, a strong judgmental streak, and access to a city that is full of very inspired “fashion” choices. Holler Portland, Oregon! I know what you’re thinking, how can I be guest blogging on a site that is perhaps all about avoiding judgment and recognizing one’s inner beauty? But the fact of the matter is, I don’t care how pretty someone is on the inside, and I don’t care what size pants they pick up at the local Buffalo Exchange, bitches be wearing some whack shit out in our world.

And therein lies the beauty of fashion. Fashion is subjective. And maybe on our worst days, fashion is something that can help us feel better about the way we look, or maybe you’re like me, and when you’re bloated and on the verge of shark week, sporting grandma underwear, saggy jeans, and a shitty t-shirt, just might make you feel worse/better. But regardless of how it makes you feel, fashion is everywhere. Almost as prevalent as body image for young girls the moment they crack their first Seventeen magazine, and I don’t care who you are, it’s safe to say you probably have an opinion about it. Are you an Anne Taylor girl or an Urban Outfitter girl? See! You are definitely a something when it comes to fashion.

I think fashion is great because it’s fun. It’s frivolous and flippant. I can’t control the genetic spider veins that crawl across my legs that I know are sure to get worse with age, but I can control the skinny jeans that cover them. I can’t control my pale skin, a curse to me growing up, but now something I protect from the sun and have fun with every time I search out the perfect red/orange lipstick. I try to eat healthy and workout at the gym, but admittedly, sometimes I fall short, and while I can’t immediately change the natural shape of my body, I can appreciate how great my boobs look in a certain top, or how my ass looks banging in a particular skirt.

On those days when we feel self-conscious and also on those days we feel fabulous, fashion is something we can control and make our own. Fashion isn’t relegated to body size, despite what those stuck-up Vogue assholes try and tell you. See for yourself:


And I don’t know about you, but if I had to bang one of them, it would most definitely be Joan Holloway. Girl. Can. Work. A. Dress.
 Overall, with my guest blog spot, I wanted to come in and pimp my own blog.
…No, no, just kidding, but I did want to assert the fabulous effect fashion can have on body image. Too often we think, mostly because of wretched fashion magazines and their perpetuation of unrealistic women wearing unrealistic clothing, that fashion is bad, but I’m here to tell you fashion is fun and not relegated to a particular body size. I encourage all women to embrace fashion as something that can make a small impact on feeling great about yourself. Find that one sweater that fits like a dream or that one pair of heels that make your legs go on for days and own it.
And that’s all I have for today, folks, baby sister to Ms. Elizabeth, signing off, until next time.
xoxo, Lou

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