Blogging While Jobbing is a Team Effort

Hello, readers! Gee, I’ve missed you. Hoping you’re still out there and as happy as I am to see RLB up and running again. Allow me to let you in on a thrilling new development……

Once upon a time I did not have full-time, regular employment. This was extremely convenient for life as a blogger. Time, time and more time were almost always on my side.

Nowadays I’ve realized that, in the wise words of Velma Kelly, I just can’t do it alone. Lucky for me, my bestie is Such. A Great. Writer. And smart as a whip! And she makes me laugh. Hence: Besties. In fact, she’s the bestest of besties because she has agreed to join the RLB team and reignite the former glory of this here blog. That’s right, glory. What other word is there for a blog that tells it like it is and aspires to help women everywhere feel f*ing spectacular about themselves? There is no other word. Glory.

Oh so very soon we will be posting Shannon’s first ever RLB editorial (Shannon aka Shan, S, Cacahuete – all appropriate names for said bestie), and you are really, really excited to read it. Trust.

Without further ado, here is Miss Shannon with a bit about herself:


About Shannon

In the words of a guy on the subway, “Girl, you are thick.” I sensed that he was qualifying this in his head: “Girl, you are thick – for a racially ambiguous person.”

Growing up, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel about my looks – I didn’t see myself anywhere. Whenever my mom gave me a doll, it was sort of like, “Close enough.”

I saw a lot of girls trying really intensely to attain the perfect version of themselves that they saw all around them, but I could never become that, no matter how hard I tried. In this way, I was mostly able to reject the unattainable ideal, and thus moved on to working with what I got.

At present, I make peace with myself daily, and vow to not compare myself to others. When I find myself comparing myself to others, I sign out of Facebook and get on the subway, where I am reminded that I am thick, and that thick can be a good thing, brothers and sisters.

I encourage everyone else to do the same. I also encourage you to ask a little girl what she is reading and not about her dress.

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