Let Me Be Clear

Oh the feedback I have received about my most recent post!

One thing is for certain: Ladies feel Strongly about topics of weight, dieting, calories, food, etc., etc.

So. Let me be clear: First of all, I have embarked on this calorie experiment primarily because I want to be in my Best Possible Shape before trying to get pregnant. I honestly don’t care if I lose any weight, so long as I am as healthy as possible. This is a Real Honest Truth: Having a baby in your 30’s is usually much harder than having a baby in your 20’s. Considering the insane labor my sister just went through, I am determined to have a strong, kick ass temple of a body with which to house and deliver my (as yet hypothetical) child.

Second, I am in no danger of becoming obsessed with calorie counting or depriving myself of food and drink. After a couple of weeks with this program, that much is Very Clear. I mostly do what I want and then use the little app as a tracking device. Most days I’m pretty spot on (Bit o’ Science for you: When you exercise, your body needs more calories! Isn’t that fun?) and some days I’m a wee bit over, usually because I have an extra glass of wine. No big.

Lastly, I didn’t even buy a scale. I figure I can weigh myself at other people’s houses, because as I mentioned in First of All, I find I’m not in this to lose weight. I look good. I feel good. So far, this little experiment is helping me to look and feel even better. And that’s all that matters.

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