Womanifesto by Guest Blogger Megan

I was the pudgy cheerleader and let me tell you, spending time at the bottom of the pyramid really changes your perspective. I spent most of my youth wishing I was good at volleyball and being tan instead of playing viola. It wasn’t until high school that I grew into my nose (mostly) and dyed my hair black that I realized that “being pretty” was relative.

I know now that I was very lucky to have escaped high school relatively unscathed. I went through a few of the phases you see Lifetime movies about: anorexia, crash dieting and all that jazz, but I never did it because I felt uncomfortable with my body I did it because my friends were doing it and I wanted to fit in. Terrifying right? Luckily my love of Nutella always outweighed my need to fit in and I did no irreparable damage.

Being a realist is becoming more difficult everyday because everyone’s idea of “real” is so different, and unfortunately the 90 pound real with huge tatters is the real we see on television and in magazines. Lucky for us nowadays we have nearly as many magazines telling us we are fat as we do magazines telling us the media is warped and bitches be air brushed.

I have stretch marks, pirate thighs and feel like I’ve spent close to 75 percent of my life tweezing, waxing or shaving something. I am also witty, loyal, have beautiful eyes and hips that won’t quit. I am a firm believer that it’s ok to think there are a few things about you that could deal with improving, because that keeps you striving and feeling accomplished when you achieve these goals; as long as you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and realize that if there are 5 things about you that you’d like to change that there are at least 10 things about you that are worth stopping the presses over.

So in conclusion, never never never                                                                         stop eating carbs.


Hear, hear! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights and witticisms, Ms. Megan! If any of you readers have an interest in becoming a guest blogger, email me at reallivingbeauty@gmail.com


Beautiful Megan

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