Thursday Inspiration

This may have to become a regular weekly post, because even prior to the official launch I am receiving such amazing feedback and words of wisdom from RLB readers. Today’s food for thought comes from Jill, a historical archivist who just so happens to be the wonderful woman who designed the wedding invitations for me and Handsome.* Jill writes:

“I think I assumed that at 30, I wouldn’t still be figuring this out. And if I ever get to have children, I’d like to be able to inspire them to see their own beauty. So I’m glad that you’re taking this on, Elizabeth – it’s forcing me to think more critically about how much time I’ve spent in negative reinforcement loops and how I could be more mindful about supporting the women around me.”

And on that note, I’d like to share an image of my grandmother Mary Lou. When I was about ten years old, I was extremely self-conscious about my weight. That’s right, when I was TEN. One day she asked me why, and I said, “Well, my thighs touch. That means I’m fat.” My wise, loving, saucy grandmother replied, “Oh no, darling. That just means that when you grow up you will have shapely legs and men will adore them.” Bugger all if the woman wasn’t Spot On with that little insight.

Happy Thursday, readers! This Sunday marks our first feature – my beautiful sisters! Look for that post and more in the coming weeks, including RLB’s very own Men Who Love Real Women, Guest Bloggers, and weekly Shout Outs to Women Keeping it Real.

*(heretofore refers to my husband, unless otherwise noted)

4 thoughts on “Thursday Inspiration

  1. I love that you refer to your grandmother, Elizabeth, and included her picture. It seems that so many of us are sort of removed from the family networks we used to have before we became so mobile, and it’s lovely to see that you have had, and continue to have, such a close family, including wonderful female role models! You reminded me of talks I’ve had with my maternal grandmother, Kathryn: a strong, confident woman who used to go to speakeasies, married a soldier, and is always the epitome of class. Her advice on beauty to me always advised me to ‘leave something to the imagination,’ but especially that ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it!’ I love these moments when we can connect to the line of strong women that came before us.

    As an aside, I have heard – as an adult – this business about how one’s thighs aren’t supposed to touch; I’m so shocked that somehow this trickled down to you as a ten-year-old. I applaud your grandmother for how deftly she handled it, and I applaud you for taking these things on for girls growing up now.

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